Goalboard Scheduler Overview

The Thrive Goal board is a popular and powerful visual component to your shop floor. A typical use case for Thrive goal boards is to start a new goal board each day and stop the goal board at the end of the last shift of the day. A companion feature to the Thrive Goal Boards has been developed as a natural progression on making this process even easier and more streamlined for users by scheduling Goal Boards to start at a specific time each day. For some users this will be helpful to eliminate the need for an operator to create a new goal board. For others using automated machine data collection linked to Thrive, the scheduler ensures that an active goal board is running each day in order to collect the machine data.

As of the initial release (Aug 2020), the Goal Board Scheduler is considered a BETA feature and has some known limitations. Feel free to share issues and ideas for future development by emailing support@leantech.com

Create a Goalboard Schedule

How to Access: Menu > Continuous Improvement > Goal Board Schedulers