Maintenance Module Overview

The Thrive Maintenance Module provides tools to assist with a comprehensive maintenance asset management plan. In maintenance the most commonly used term for basic task management is a work order. Thrive generally refers to the task management as projects, however in the maintenance module the term work order is substituted where project is normally used.

How to Access: Thrive Menu > Maintenance

The Maintenance Module includes:

Field Description
Work Requests Provides a way to create and view work order ideas/requests.
Work Orders The primary task management application for maintenance projects.
Scheduling Drag and drop work orders onto the Thrive calendar to schedule work orders.
Equipment Keep a record for assets including their spare parts, meter readings, and work order history.
Meter Readings Report meter reading values for equipment.
Planned Maintenance Create standard work lists (repetitive maintenance tasks) and create ad hoc work orders or set a (time or meter based) schedule to auto generate planned maintenance work orders
Meter Based PM Setup Create an asset (equipment) record, associate a meter to the asset, then create a meter based PM task


The applications listed above are enhanced through the use of the following lists. The lists ensure data quality/consistency is maintained while also providing a streamlined means of cross referencing data between applications.

Field Description
Equipment Types A selected list of equipment types to group equipment for sorting, reporting, etc.
Spare Parts List Manage spare parts associated with assets.
Reasons for Outage Create outage codes and sub reasons for detailed analysis of asset performance.