Human Resources Overview

The Thrive Human Resources Module primarily provides the ablity to manage employees, their time off, and training required in your organization.

How to Access: Thrive Menu > Human Resources

The Human Resources Module includes:

Page Description
Employees A way to manage employee data.
Training Tool to track training of employees.
Classes Provides a way to keep track of classes for training.
Curriculum Provides a method to organize/group classes and track employee status on required or recommended curriculum
Time Off Requests Time off tracking tool
News and Events Log what is going on for your company.


The applications listed above are enhanced through the use of the following lists. The lists ensure data quality/consistency is maintained while also providing a streamlined means of cross referencing data between applications.

Page Description
Skills Used to manage skills of employees (Welding, Programming…)
Employee Type Manage status of your employee (Part Time, Full Time…)