Equipment is the application used to track all of the assets that keep your operation running. An equipment record may be created for a multimillion dollar CNC, a mobile fleet item such as a fork truck, or a simple hand held tool used on the production line.

If an asset is critical to the operation, receives maintenance, or requires ongoing labor or parts to maintain, then creating an Equipment record is recommended. The equipment record will become cross connected with the Work Request, Work Order, Planned Maintenance, Inventory, and other areas of Thrive as Equipment item is associated to these process records.

As a history of records associated to each Equipment item accumulate a number of reports are populated to assist in tracking the cost, downtime, and other key metrics for the Equipment.

General Information

How to Access: Thrive Menu > Maintenance > Equipment

Field Information
  1. Equipment Number – This will be a unique identifier given to each Equipment item. Once the record is saved, this value cannot be changed. The organization should choose the numbering and description naming convention that works best for the organization. The equipment number may be a sequential numbering system or could be a combination of letters and numbers that match the assets identification in other systems (i.e. accounting asset list).

  2. Description – The name of the Equipment item. This should be a simple, yet meaningful name for easy identification of the m machine. Descriptions become most useful when they contain some combination of the machine name, make, model, size, asset tag identifier, etc.

  3. Equipment Type – Select an Equipment Type from the list of Equipment Types (Menu > Maintenance > Equipment Types) In Service – Yes/No – Mark the status of the machine as in service or out of service, this field will be used to streamline lists and reports that will ignore the out of service machines by default.

  4. Comments – Enter additional comments about the Equipment item

  5. Site – Select a site from the list of company Sites (Menu > Company > Sites)

  6. Department – Select a Department from the list of the company Departments (Menu > Company > Departments)

  7. Work Center – Select a Work Center from the list of company Work Centers (Menu > Company > Work Centers)

  8. Location – Select a location from the list of company locations (Menu > Company > Locations)

  9. Priority - A text input box that can be used to categorize the priority of the machine for searching and reporting

  10. Capacity - A numerical value for reference to the machine capacity.

  11. Image - An image file may associated to the equipment.