User Accounts

User accounts is the page where Thrive login credentials are created and administered.

Note: The user accounts are different than the employee records maintained in the Human Resource module of Thrive.

How to Access: Thrive Menu > Administration > User Accounts

The general information section contains information about the user. The company email address should be provided in order to utilize any of the email based notices and alerts within Thrive.

The active directory user field may be populated if the organization chooses to authenticate users based on active directory credentials in the Thrive environment. The Thrive user credentials will continue to work in parallel. It is also possible for some users to use active directory while other users only possess a Thrive account.

Project Roles

Project Roles serve as a method of assigning work to a group of people when task can be completed by anyone assigned the project role. Each user included in the role will receive notifications and visibility on their home screen when a task is assigned or the status of the task changes.

Example 1: When a task that needs to be completed can be performed by anyone with a particular qualification. For example, a maintenance task that could be completed by any of the Electricians in the plant. In this case, the maintenance task would be assigned to the Electricians project role.

Example 2: When a repeated task is performed over a long period of time but the person performing the task may change due to job rotations, promotions, or turnover. In this case, several recurring tasks may be assigned to the Project Role of Quality Technician I.

The Quality Technician I role may only have one person in the group. The benefit comes a few months in the future when the person performing the job of Quality Technician I changes. The only update necessary in Thrive is to remove person A from the project role and add person B. All of the recurring tasks will now be passed to person B as the only member of Quality Technician I project role.


Thrive projects and accident investigations require a special level of functionality called authorization in order to approve a project, close a project, and close an accident investigation.

Authorizations are based on a combination of site and project type. Authorizations will need to work in conjunction with the security roles as a user must have access to a Thrive application module in order to review and authorize a project.

If a user is granted authorization with a project type field left blank, the user will be able to authorize any project type within Thrive. Use the check boxes (Approve Projects, Close Projects, Close Accident Investigations) to determine which authorization the user has for each project type and site combination entered.

HR Security

The HR module within Thrive has an additional level of security to provide the organization with more control over the employee data that is accessible to Thrive users. The visibility of basic employee data is controlled through the Security Role feature that will grant or deny access to the employee application. Access to a second level of employee data, HR reports, and other applications within the HR module are controlled by the HR Security settings for each user.

HR security settings are based on a combination of three fields:

Site Department Work Center



User Permissions
Human Resources Manager Can be granted an HR Security Role with access to the entire site. (With Department and Work Center left blank)
Production Foreman Can be granted access to just the Site and Department (With Work Center left blank) specific to his job description.
Supervisor Can be granted access to the Site, Department, and Work Center under his supervision.

In this way, HR application data has been controlled in three tiers based on the responsibility of the individual user.