Field Level Security

How to Access: Menu > Administration > Roles)

As the administrator of Thrive, it may be necessary to provide form level access to a role yet still be desirable to limit access to one or more data fields. Field Security can be accessed by clicking on the Security button next to the Insert, Update, Delete checkboxes for the desired form.

A Field Security window will pop open providing a list of fields available on the form. For each data field on the form, there are four options: Change, Required, Read Only, Hidden.

Change Required Read Only Hidden
User may change the value of the data field User must provide a valid value before the system will allow the form to be saved User may see the value of the field, but will not be able to update or delete the value The field will not be visible on the form for this security role

Toggle Visibility

If a field needs to be hidden from all users (i.e. a field that is not used by your organization), then a global “Toggle visibility for all users” button is located next to the drop down box. This button will toggle field visibility on and off for all users regardless of the role that is currently selected.