Accident Investigations

The Thrive Accident Investigation application is part of the Thrive Safety Application. Tracking Accident Investigations is a critical (in some cases required) part of the safety management system for Thrive users. The Accident Investigation application within Thrive provides data fields, links to other Thrive applications and lists, corrective action assignments, and the ability to fully document the incident and follow up using text fields and attachments.

How to Perform an Accident Investigation

How to Access: Thrive Menu > Safety > Accident Investigations

Every safety management system should have a documented accident investigation procedure outlining the work flow of an incident from start to finish. While the procedures may vary in detail from one organization to the next, Thrive attempts to capture the common elements while providing the ability to customize the Accident Investigation module to align with existing processes.

The standard Thrive work flow is as follows:

graph TD; A[Incident is observed or identified] --> B[Assign Investigator] B --> C[Conduct Investigation and document items] C --> D[Assign Corrective Actions] D --> E[Complete verification and prevention plans] E --> F[Complete Investigation, including tasks] F --> G[Change Status to Complete] classDef thrive fill:#fff, stroke:#00538a,stroke-width:1.5px; class A,B,C,D,E,F,G thrive