Quality Module Overview

The Thrive Quality Module provides tools to assist with a comprehensive quality control plan.

How to Access: Thrive Menu > Quality

The Quality Module includes:

Page Description
Gages Maintain a list of gages, metadata, history, calibrations, R&R studies, and attachments
Calibrations Create and maintain a calibration schedule for gages.
Gage R&R Plan, conduct, and analyze gage R&R studies.
Defect Tracking Captures defects and code for ongoing analysis.
Nonconformance Document the entire Nonconformance process from problem statement to corrective actions.
Capability Reports based on part, characteristics and values
Project Requests Provides a way to create and view project ideas/requests.
Projects The primary task management page for quality projects.
Project Scheduling Drag and drop projects onto the Thrive calendar to schedule projects
Audits Capture repeated tasks within the quality process and schedule to automatically generate projects.


The pages listed above are enhanced through the use of the following lists. The lists ensure data quality/consistency is maintained while also providing a streamlined means of cross referencing data between applications.

Field Description
Gage Types List of gage types that can be used for grouping, reporting, and search capabilities.
Gage Status List of statuses that can be customized to your workflow.
Calibration Groups Groups based on common calibration specifications that can be associated to gages.
Defect Codes Customize a list of codes/sub codes for defect tracking and reporting.
NCR Type List of types used to code NCR for reporting and tracking.
Disposition Codes List of dispositions that can be tagged to defective/nonconforming material.
NCR Priorities List of priorities that can be tagged to a nonconformance record.
NCR Discovered List of discovery (where observed) values that can be tagged to a nonconformance record.