Continuous Improvement Module Overview

The Continuous Improvement Module provides tools for you to improve your organization. From goalboards and hour by hour tracking to performing CI Events, Thrive will give you the abiltiy to reduce waste by giving you actionable data.

How to Access: Thrive Menu > Continuous Improvement

The Continuous Improvement includes:

Page Description
Goal Board Productivity/hour by hour tracking that updates in real time.
Goal Board Scheduler Schedule Goal Boards to start automatically
CI Event Management Tracking who are your team members, what are my objectives, and closing the loop.
Time Studies Giving you the ability to balance work stations
Cycle Time Analysis Timing stations so that you can drive improvement with actionable items for your company.
Audits Have the ability to track your line and build reports automatically.
Leader Standard Work Setup and Perform Leader Standard Work Daily/Weekly


The applications listed above are enhanced through the use of the following lists. The lists ensure data quality/consistency is maintained while also providing a streamlined means of cross referencing data between applications.

Page Description
Andons A list meant to keep track of your different andon lights that can be enabled with the goalboard
CI Codes Create codes for each department for ease of tracking
CI Event Types Manage your list of the different events that you perform.